News and Announcements

3rd & 5th Graders Recognized

Families were in attendance this afternoon to watch their children be recognized for their academic achievements. It is great to see all the hard work paying off. Keep it up Vikings!

Kindness Matters at Vandalia

This afternoon, Vandalia Student Council presented officials from The Porterville Area Coordinating Council with a check in the amount of $340. The money was raised during The Great Kindness Challenge, and will be used to help families and individuals in need. A big thank you to all the Vikings who donated.

Acts of Kindness at Vandalia!

Students were inspired to thank their bus driver with a hand written note, and Mrs. Acosta's class went out of their way to thank Mr. Dominguez, Mrs. Martinez, and Mrs. Salias for all their hard work.

Coins for Kindness

Vandalia students and parents donated to help support The Porterville Area Coordinating Council (PACC). PACC serves needy families in Porterville and surrounding areas. The Vikings raised over $340 dollars during The Great Kindness Challenge, and every penny of it will go to help the PACC make an impact in our community.

Tied Together by Kindness

In honor of The Kindness Challenge, students brought out their fancy ties. The Vikings were looking sharp today.

The Great Kindness Challenge is Underway!

Yesterday, we kicked off our Great Kindness Challenge. Throughout the week, students will be taking part in fun activities that promote kindness. Go out of your way to do something kind for someone today.

Vandalia Great Kindness Challenge

Students will be dedicated to completing acts of kindness all week. Each day there will be events. In addition, students will be collecting and donating "Kindness Coins", or change to donate to PACC for homeless children.
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